Bylaws As Amended for Ballot Initiative

Like the CC&Rs, the Texas State Property Code supersedes many of the current sections and subsections of the Bylaws. Without amending this document, homeowners will likely be unaware of their rights as well as future Boards who may fail to comprehend current laws that govern HOA’s.

Unlike the CC&R’s, the Bylaws may only be amended by the Board of Directors, as stipulated in the current Bylaws (Bylaw 7.02), subject to the approval of the Members.  Therefore, this ballot item is an all or nothing proposition.

Notable Proposed Changes to the Bylaws:

The current Board believes that the Bylaws, in its present form, grant too much authority to certain officers, which diminishes the purpose of the Board as a collective. This is why, in addition to bringing the instrument into State compliance, substantive changes have been made to emphasize the collective nature of the Board who are elected as representatives of, not trustees for, the homeowners.