Proposed Amendments to the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

The proposed amendments to the Declaration:

  1. Bring the Declaration of Covenants of the Quail Creek Homeowners’ Association into compliance with Texas Property Code &/or the City of McLendon Chisolm and;
  2. Clarifies language and correct grammar for the benefit of the Membership.
  3. Removes parts that are obsolete, such as the “Declarant” or Developer.

Unless a Subsection(s), Section(s) or Article(s) in the 2009 CC&Rs violates Texas State Statute(s) or is now obsolete NO addition, deletion, change, or modification is included in these proposed amendments that materially change, remove, or alter the nature of the instrument.

Amendments that are intended to materially change the Declaration, such as a change to Homeowner Restrictions, are included in Ballot Initiative #3.