Board Records and Documents

Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas are a matter of public record.  The 2014/2015 Board scanned and posted current and historical records to this website to help elevate the level of transparency of the Association's actions, past and present.

Recent Board Posts

Regular Board Meeting

The meeting of the HOA Board of Directors shall convene Tuesday, June 14, 2022, at 7 PM, to conduct the business of, and address matters that relate to, the Association. The meeting will be conducted at the Steinhagen’s home, 304 Pheasant Hill Drive, upstairs (enter through the garage, the stairway entrance is the second door on the right immediately after entering the home). All Board meetings are open to the membership. State law requires that official notice shall be posted on or before 6 PM at least 144 hours before the start of the meeting, and a sign shall be posted at the entrance/exit of the…

Board Establishes New Regular Meeting Schedule

During last evening’s meeting, the Board voted unanimously to set a new regular meeting date for the third Tuesday of every month.

“Recount of Votes Policy” Adopted in Advance of Ballot Initiative Vote Tally

A Recount of Votes Policy was adopted during Tuesday’s regular Board meeting to help ensure that the Association will not be responsible for the costs associated with such a request.  The policy mirrors Texas Property Code Section 209.0057(b), which requires any party making the request to pay all costs associated with a recount unless the recount changes the results of a vote, wherein the Association would then be responsible to reimburse the requesting party/parties. This comes on the heels of a frivolous open-records request by a homeowner who was demanding that the Association (fellow homeowners) foot the bill for the time…

10% Annual Assessment Increase Approved for 2015

By unanimous consent of the Board, a ten percent (10%) increase in the Annual Assessment was approved during December 2, 2014, Regular Meeting of the Board.  This is an increase of $29 bringing next years annual dues up from $290 to $319.  While the Association runs on a fiscal calendar from October through September and while homeowners are billed for the Annual Assessment in June, the Assessment actually begins on January 1, which is the Board is required to vote in December. Article 4.3(b) grants the Board the sole and exclusive authority to increase the annual assessment each year by as much…