2015 Annual Meeting Detailed Summary

Our Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 6 at Lakeshore Church (Room 305), 5575 Hwy. 205.  The meeting began at 7:13pm where a quorum was established, with 48 members (70%) present, either in person or by proxy, where 50%+1 was needed to conduct the regular business of the Association and 60% was necessary to vote on a Special Assessment, where 67% of that quorum must consent for it to be approved.

  • The Board Officers for the 2015/2016 term are
    • Shana Nalls, President (unopposed)
    • Casey Berley, Vice President (unopposed)
    • Rhonda Smith, Treasurer (unopposed)
    • Brad Peters, Secretary (unopposed)
    • Architectural Review Committee
      • David Hoye, Chairman (35 votes)
      • David Fuller (20 votes)
      • Ken Daulong (23 votes)
  • The treasurer’s report is posted below under Budget 2015/2016.
  • President’s Report
    • Bob Steinhagen, outgoing president, spoke about the many accomplishments of the Board, which include
        1. Improved communications with homeowners including a new website, the newsletters, and email correspondence for important matters.
        2. Amending the governing documents of the HOA, which include the CC&Rs & Bylaws to bring the Association into compliance with new state standards, through a Ballot initiative that the Board created & developed, as well as many new policies, most of which were state mandated.
        3. Improvements to the neighborhood streets, which include the opportunity for homeowners to consider a Special Assessment for preventative maintenance and major repairs to the front entrance of the development.
        4. The decision to place a mailbox at the front entrance of the neighborhood for HOA related matters, which included a detailed explanation of the option between a decorative metal mailbox, which, while it would not conform to neighborhood standards, would be more cost effective verses a brick mailbox, where homeowners voted, via a poll posted on the HOA website, for the brick mailbox.
    • Mr. Steinhagen also thanked the current board, Vice President, Brad Peters, Treasurer, Shana Nalls, Secretary, Glenna Brown, and the ARC, Ken Daulong, David Fuller, & David Hoye, for their tireless support to help reinvigorate homeowners confidence in the Board through their tireless and dedicated efforts.
  • A Motion to post a “No Soliciting” sign at the front entrance to the neighborhood passed, with the understanding that neighborhood school children may still go door to door to raise funds for their schools.  The official ballot count for this motion was 37 FOR, 4 AGAINST, 6 ABSTAIN, 1 BLANK.
  •  Motion to remove the two stop signs on Pheasant Hill failed by a narrow margin.  The official ballot count for this motion was 21 FOR, 25 AGAINST, 1 ABSTAIN, 1 BLANK.
  • A Motion to sell the lot that currently is the park in the community and use the proceeds to repair the road near the entrance of Quail Creek failed overwhelmingly, with just six votes in favor of the motion.  The official ballot count for this motion was 9 FOR, 36 AGAINST, 3 ABSTAIN, 0 BLANK
  • A Motion to rename Mockingbird Hill Lane to Clint Packer Way was withdrawn.
  • A Motion for the Association to, on January 1, 2016, levy a Special Assessment of $825.00 for neighborhood street repairs and preventative maintenance, which shall either be due in full on the 31st of the same month or may be paid in up to three annual installments of not less than $275.00, where each installment comes due on the 31st of January of the installment year passed overwhelmingly (93%), with just three votes against the motion.  The official ballot count for this motion was 45 FOR, 3 AGAINST, 0 ABSTAIN, 0 BLANK. (33 votes, which is 67% of the 48 members present, were needed to pass this motion in accordance with the CC&Rs)

The meeting adjourned at 9:22pm.