The Following are the Utility Suppliers for Quail Creek.

Utilities News

RCH Announces Fines to Enforce Automatic Watering Prohibition

RCH Water Supply Corporation – Effective 8-7-15 Any person who violates the restrictions will be subject to the following provisions: First time offenders will be a verbal warning and explanation why the Plan was implemented. Second time offenders will be another verbal warning with a letter signed by the violator that states violator was confronted about usage and a fine of $500.00 Third time offenders will have a constrictor installed on violator’s meter and violator will be warned that if violation continues water service will be discontinued for a period of 3 days.

Homeowners Should Lodge Water Pressure Complaints to TCEQ

Homeowners wishing to lodge complaints about water pressure should do so through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality [TCEQ] by calling 817-588-5800.  This number will get you to the main switchboard where you can tell the operator that you wish to lodge a formal complaint about their water district’s water pressure.  We understand that you will need to tell them where you live so they can pinpoint the investigator handling the matter, which understand to be Austin Lindsey.  (Calls will need to be made between Monday & Friday during regular business hours)  The Association has been informed that because Quail Creek is…

RCH: ALL Automatic Watering Prohibited; Rates to Be Increased!

In your mailbox today is notice by RCH (on pink paper) prohibiting all automatic sprinkler watering.  According to RCH representatives, those who violate this prohibition can expect to have a “water restrictor” placed on their main line. Representatives also stated that, no pumps are out, the issue of low water pressure is entirely due to the overuse of lawn watering (several homes are watering as much as 300 thousand gallons over a 3 to 4 day period). The prohibition will be a temporary one, but how temporary they could not say. The RCH water board will also convene, where they…

Let There Be Light, Again!

FEC has replaced the lightbulbs for the center streetlight on Quail Creek and the other at the intersection of Partridge & Pheasant Hill.  If you have a light that’s out, e-mail us the location, such as the address of the closest house, and the number that’s on the pole and we will notify FEC Electric.