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New Board Elected During Annual Meeting

A new board was elected for the 2016/2017 term at the Annual Membership Meeting held on October 5 at the new City Hall building.  By unanimous consent, members returned Shana Nalls to her post as President, Brad Peters as Vice President, Rhonda Smith as Treasurer, and Casey Berley as Secretary.  All three members of the ARC, David Hoye, Ken Daulong, and David Fuller, where Ken Daulong received the most votes, which, by rule, makes him the Chair. While the agenda had no other ballot items, members received updates about street repairs in the neighborhood, the HOA’s ongoing fight with the state &…

Quail Creek’s Robert Steinhagen Elected to City Council!

Tonight, Quail Creek Homeowner & former HOA President, Robert Steinhagen, was elected to the Mclendon-Chisholm City Council! In an email sent to supporters, Councilman-elect Robert Steinhagen, who defeated a twelve-year incumbent by more than 63% of the vote, wrote; “Victory came because “We The People” demand the right to first give consent to decisions that may raise our taxes, put us into debt, take away our personal liberty about what we can do on our own property, and/or violate the standards of our city that are supposed to protect our wide-open spaces & more rural lifestyle!”

New Planned Route for 549 to & from 1139

View the engineering drawings  showing the new route of 549 at the curve where it intersects FM 1139.  The change is significant and will dramatically impact our route into Rockwall.  Crossing this 4 lane intersection will become much more dangerous as traffic volume on 549 increases.  Many are concerned about the safety issues. The ingress & egress points to and from 1139 from and to 549 is most alarming, as it will become necessary to zig zag as shown on the attached markup. The original TxDOT map (unmarked) and a larger view showing the new alignment on 549 are also attached. Click…

Turn Lanes to be Added at 205 & 549; Shoulders Added to FM 1139

ROCKWALL COUNTY – In an ongoing effort to enhance state roadways and improve safety, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) approved a contract to add additional pavement width and resurface 9.2 miles of various roadways including FM 549, FM 1139, SH 205 and SH 276 in Rockwall County. Funding has been approved to add turn lanes at both intersections of FM 549 & SH 205.  According to MC City Manager, David Butler, this project will be completed by August of this year! Shoulders will be added to FM 1139, however no date has been set for the project’s completion. SH…