Anonymous Communications to the Board Policy

The following Policy for Anonymous Communications is established by the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the QCHOA, Inc. (the “Association”) on October 14, 2014 in order to provide guidelines for such communications and establish protocols both for Members who wish to communicate anonymously and for the Board when responding to anonymous communications..

The Board shall consider all issues brought before it that relate to the Association, even those that are brought before it through sources that are anonymous, fictitious or unverifiable.

The Board shall not violate a request by a Member who communicates with the Board and expresses in writing that their identity/identities be anonymous from the Membership.

The Board is neither obligated nor responsible to acknowledge, respond, or act based on communication from an anonymous person or persons. Members who are, for whatever reason, reluctant to identify themselves formally to the Board shall communicate through an intermediary, such as an attorney, a trusted officer of the Board or another trusted Member of the Association to communicate on their behalf.

Until or unless a source is determined, or is verified through a credible source as determined by the Board, to be a bone fide Member of the Association, the Board shall establish the assumption that all anonymous sources are not of or by Members of the Association.

Policy Approved by Unanimous Consent

This Policy applies only to the Board and is therefore not a "dedicatory instrument."