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2021 Legislative Changes that Impact HOA’s

On May 31, 2021, the Texas Legislature concluded the 2021 legislative session. Although there were a significant number of bills filed that could have had a dramatic effect on the laws governing Texas homeowners associations, only a few bills were ultimately enacted. The most significant is Senate Bill 1588, which ultimately evolved into an omnibus bill with 27 separate sections that add or modify 3 chapters of the Texas Property Code. Such new and modified statutory laws are summarized as follows: HOUSE BILL 1659 – Reduced Application of Declaration Amendment Procedures under Chapter 209 House Bill 1659 modifies Section 209.0041…

Amended Governing Documents Are Now Valid & Enforceable

The amended governing documents that were approved by vote of the Homeowners were recorded with the Rockwall County today, which means that they are now valid & enforceable.  Homeowners will be receiving paper copies of these documents within sixty (60) days.

Homeowners Approve Amendments to CC&Rs & Bylaws!!!

It’s official!  The Homeowners have spoken! During tonight’s Board meeting, the votes in the Ballot Initiative were tallied and recorded resulting in at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of all homeowners in Quail Creek approving all amendments to the CC&Rs (Initiative #1) except for Amendments to Articles 4.8b, 4.8h, & 8.2.   Seventy-one percent (71%) of homeowners also approved the newly amended Bylaws (Initiative #2).  The amendment loosening the garbage can restriction (Initiative #3A) passed with sixty-nine percent (69%) support and the amendment to loosen the restriction on signs (Initiative 3B) also passed, capturing seventy-five percent (75%). However, sixty-seven percent (67%)  of homeowners rejected the amendment loosening the trailer restriction (Initiative #3C), where it garnered just thirty-three percent (33%), or one-third(1/3)…

“Recount of Votes Policy” Adopted in Advance of Ballot Initiative Vote Tally

A Recount of Votes Policy was adopted during Tuesday’s regular Board meeting to help ensure that the Association will not be responsible for the costs associated with such a request.  The policy mirrors Texas Property Code Section 209.0057(b), which requires any party making the request to pay all costs associated with a recount unless the recount changes the results of a vote, wherein the Association would then be responsible to reimburse the requesting party/parties. This comes on the heels of a frivolous open-records request by a homeowner who was demanding that the Association (fellow homeowners) foot the bill for the time…