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Amended Governing Documents Are Now Valid & Enforceable

The amended governing documents that were approved by vote of the Homeowners were recorded with the Rockwall County today, which means that they are now valid & enforceable.  Homeowners will be receiving paper copies of these documents within sixty (60) days.

Homeowners Approve Amendments to CC&Rs & Bylaws!!!

It’s official!  The Homeowners have spoken! During tonight’s Board meeting, the votes in the Ballot Initiative were tallied and recorded resulting in at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of all homeowners in Quail Creek approving all amendments to the CC&Rs (Initiative #1) except for Amendments to Articles 4.8b, 4.8h, & 8.2.   Seventy-one percent (71%) of homeowners also approved the newly amended Bylaws (Initiative #2).  The amendment loosening the garbage can restriction (Initiative #3A) passed with sixty-nine percent (69%) support and the amendment to loosen the restriction on signs (Initiative 3B) also passed, capturing seventy-five percent (75%). However, sixty-seven percent (67%)  of homeowners rejected the amendment loosening the trailer restriction (Initiative #3C), where it garnered just thirty-three percent (33%), or one-third(1/3)…

“Recount of Votes Policy” Adopted in Advance of Ballot Initiative Vote Tally

A Recount of Votes Policy was adopted during Tuesday’s regular Board meeting to help ensure that the Association will not be responsible for the costs associated with such a request.  The policy mirrors Texas Property Code Section 209.0057(b), which requires any party making the request to pay all costs associated with a recount unless the recount changes the results of a vote, wherein the Association would then be responsible to reimburse the requesting party/parties. This comes on the heels of a frivolous open-records request by a homeowner who was demanding that the Association (fellow homeowners) foot the bill for the time…

Notable Changes to Texas Property Code

The 2011 Texas Legislature enacted major changes to the Texas Property Code, especially as it relates to HOA’s.  These changes, most of which went into effect on January 1, 2012, have had a dramatic impact on Quail Creek and the manner in which we are governed.   These changes have been highlighted in the attached document.