Declaration of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions

All of us, at the time that we transacted the purchase of our home or lot in Quail Creek, signed a Covenant, which is a Biblical term whereupon it reflects a one-sided promise that is irrespective of what others may do.  The promise, or “covenant,” we made is a commitment to live by certain standards that are established in the Declaration, commonly referred to as CC&Rs.  These standards originated on May 3, 1993 as simple deed restrictions. Then on July 12, 1999 the Development recorded with Rockwall County the first Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions [CC&Rs], which have been revised & updated three more times before, on April 7, 2015, homeowners voted on the last, and most current set of CC&Rs and Bylaws.

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Amended Governing Documents Are Now Valid & Enforceable

The amended governing documents that were approved by vote of the Homeowners were recorded with the Rockwall County today, which means that they are now valid & enforceable.  Homeowners will be receiving paper copies of these documents within sixty (60) days.

Homeowners Approve Amendments to CC&Rs & Bylaws!!!

It’s official!  The Homeowners have spoken! During tonight’s Board meeting, the votes in the Ballot Initiative were tallied and recorded resulting in at least sixty-seven percent (67%) of all homeowners in Quail Creek approving all amendments to the CC&Rs (Initiative #1) except for Amendments to Articles 4.8b, 4.8h, & 8.2.   Seventy-one percent (71%) of homeowners also approved the newly amended Bylaws (Initiative #2).  The amendment loosening the garbage can restriction (Initiative #3A) passed with sixty-nine percent (69%) support and the amendment to loosen the restriction on signs (Initiative 3B) also passed, capturing seventy-five percent (75%). However, sixty-seven percent (67%)  of homeowners rejected the amendment loosening the trailer restriction (Initiative #3C), where it garnered just thirty-three percent (33%), or one-third(1/3)…

Harvard Bus. Prof.: Faith’s Influence in Respect for the Law

  YES, this applies to our Quail Creek HOA! Dr. Clayton Christensen highlights (in this short (1:39) video) the catalytic impact of religion in America to provide order.  He argues that as Americans abandon their faith, so too is the rule of law. As in society today, most in our neighborhood abide by the “Covenants” voluntarily, not for fear of a Board that may enforce, but because their faith drives them to live in ways that demonstrates love & respect to neighbors. Quail Creek’s system of governance by a Board comprised of neighbors, elected by neighbors, is established on the expectations that homeowners desire to live within the…

What is a Covenant?

A “covenant” is an agreement or promise by one to another.  Originally derived from the Bible, it is one of the oldest historical terms of legal validity known to exist whereupon it reflects a one-sided promise that is irrespective of what others may do.  The CC&Rs, technically, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions, is a homeowner’s promise to live by certain standards for the benefit of the neighborhood. Some have argued over the seeming unfairness that some were granted the right, through a variance, to violate certain restrictions and because of that have stipulated that they too are rightfully deserving of a variance…