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UPDATE: There will be NO Special Assessment for 2020!

At last night’s meeting, a member challenged the $400 special assessment for street repairs approved at this year’s annual member meeting based on the management company’s failure to provide proper notice to members. After a review of the formal requirements, the Board noted that the official Annual Meeting Notice omitted the inclusion of a special assessment,  which the Board confirmed invalidates the vote.  In advance of next October’s Annual Meeting, the Board plans to provide homeowners with information about the needs to repair and do maintenance on our streets, the costs, and a formal proposal for a special assessment.

Members Approve $400 Special Assessment

Members approved a $400 special assessment during Monday night’s annual member meeting to make significant repairs to Quail Creek Drive and some minor repairs on others. A portion of the capital reserve is also being used for this purpose to lessen the impact on homeowners.  The Board will establish the process for sending out billing notices to homeowners and direct Goodwin & Co. to carry it out.

Annual Meeting Was A Success!

This year’s annual meeting was held last evening, October 5, in the backyard of the Swearington’s home. For the first time since anyone can remember, thanks to those that sent in their proxy form in advance, we had already established a quorum ten minutes before the meeting began!  THANK YOU!!! Bob Steinhagen, Bev Stibbens, & Debbie Smothermon were all re-elected President, Vice President, and Secretary, respectively.  A great big THANK YOU to Natalie Peters for her three years of selfless service as Treasurer and welcome Shana Nalls back on the board to fill that open position.  Perry Swearington was re-elected and chose by members to Chair…

Homeowners Approve $825 Special Assessment for Street Repairs

Homeowners voted overwhelmingly (93%) in favor of a Special Assessment to finish the major repairs to the streets at the front entrance and make preventative maintenance to the streets throughout the neighborhood.  The $825 Special Assessment is in addition to the Regular Annual Assessment, which the Board voted Tuesday to keep at the current rate of $319 (the Board may, without a vote of the homeowners, raise the annual regular assessment 10%). Quail Creek Neighborhood’s annual assessment is among the lowest in Rockwall County, which makes it necessary to propose special assements from time to time, especially when it comes to street…