Annual Meetings of Members

Member Meeting Posts

Annual Meeting Was A Success!

This year’s annual meeting was held last evening, October 7, at the M-C City Hall.  Thanks to homeowners that could not attend but sent in a proxy, the meeting met the exact quorum standards so that the meeting could take place and a new Board could be elected. Bob Steinhagen was elected President & Bev Stibbens, Vice President.  Returning for another term is Natalie Peters as Treasurer, Debbie Smothermon as Secretary, & Kristen Fuller as ARC Chair.  Kevin Court & Perry Swearington were both elected to the ARC. Thank you to everyone that attended and those that submitted a proxy!

Homeowners Approve $825 Special Assessment for Street Repairs

Homeowners voted overwhelmingly (93%) in favor of a Special Assessment to finish the major repairs to the streets at the front entrance and make preventative maintenance to the streets throughout the neighborhood.  The $825 Special Assessment is in addition to the Regular Annual Assessment, which the Board voted Tuesday to keep at the current rate of $319 (the Board may, without a vote of the homeowners, raise the annual regular assessment 10%). Quail Creek Neighborhood’s annual assessment is among the lowest in Rockwall County, which makes it necessary to propose special assements from time to time, especially when it comes to street…

“No Soliciting” Sign WILL NOT Prohibit School Fundraising from Neighborhood Children

At Tuesday’s Annual Meeting, homeowners overwhelmingly approved authorizing the Board to post a “No Soliciting” sign at the front entrance to Quail Creek.  This will not inhibit school kids and the fire department from going door to door to raise funds for their worthy causes, however, but is intended to dissuade door-to-door solicitors from outside companies and organizations. Homeowners should understand that a sign is legally unenforceable as there are no laws regulating door to door solicitation, which means that even with a posted sign it is not a criminal offense for people to solicit door to door.  This means that the Sheriff…

Annual Meeting Summary

This year’s Annual Meeting was one of the highest attended since the completion of Phase II, where 70% of the Membership was represented, either in person or by proxy.  A new Board was voted in and many motions were considered. The Board Officers for the 2015/2016 term are Shana Nalls, President Casey Berley, Vice President Rhonda Smith, Treasurer Brad Peters, Secretary Architectural Review Committee David Hoye, Chairman David Fuller Ken Daulong The treasurer’s report is posted below under Budget 2015/2016. President’s Report Bob Steinhagen, outgoing president, spoke about the many accomplishments of the Board, which include: Improved communications with homeowners…